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Kaitlyn & Trevor — Minted




Q & A

Are children allowed?

While we love your little ones, our wedding will be 12+. Take this opportunity for a weekend away to celebrate our love!

Can I bring a plus one?

Unfortunately, due to a limited budget and guest count, our wedding is by invitation only. Only the guests listed on each invitation will be allowed to attend. Any uninvited guests will be escorted off the property. We want to spend the day with our friends and family we know and love!

What is the dress code?

The attire for the day is semi-formal. Jeans and cowboy boots are more than welcome, but we want to see you looking your best.

WHITE IS RESERVED FOR THE BRIDE. Please refrain from wearing white (including patterns with lots of white).

Finally, this is an outdoor wedding. We will have a tent for the reception, but please dress for the weather.

Will accommodations be provided?

We will not be booking any hotel blocks or the like. There is a campground and a few hotels nearby that we have recommended under the travel tab however, you are responsible for handling your own bookings and expenses.

Any other questions?

Please contact us at Thanks!